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Initiated Lifestyle Coaching

Teaching Self-Realization through Self-Reliance, self-discovery, and optimization.
I will teach you to define your own Values and Philosophy giving you the tools and strategies needed to lead yourself.
The Initiated Lifestyle coaching system is based on four core Tenets: Strength, Discipline, Integrity, and Leadership.
The power of this system is its core concepts and effective execution.

  • Get Stronger.

  • Develop Discipline.

  • Increase Integrity.

  • Lead Yourself.

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Self-Realization through Self-Reliance.
Home of the Initiated Philosophy.

A central hub for all things Initiated Philosophy and Lifestyle.


I have defined a Philosophy for myself based on only four Tenets: Strength, Discipline, Integrity, and Leadership.
I am here to spread my message and show others how to rely on themselves to realize their full potential.
I spent 9 years in engineering and construction and now bringing what I learned to my own businesses.
As a powerlifter, I have been strength training for a decade.

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